• No chance. A guessing game, using six cards to decide who will pay for the next round, (Free drinks for you - guaranteed).
  • Birthday bonanza. Spectators freely contribute numbers, and find they have predicted someone’s year of birth.
  • Avalanche. Someone merely thinks of a card, and you find it in a deck of cards that have blank backs and faces.
  • Charlie the cheat. Two spectators join you in a poker game in which they make all the decisions. But guess who wins.
  • One good card deserves another. Two spectators each think of a card. One thought-of card finds the other.Cut and bury. You divine a spectator’s thought-of card, and he divines yours.
  • Spots. Anyone chooses a card value, and mentally adds any colour and suit. A card of that same suit and value immediately appears in an unexpected place.
  • Pals. Is you bosom pal really just right for you? The cards will tell.
  • Seeing red. How to separate out the red cards without seeing their faces.
  • Stacked in favour. Memorising the Stebbins stack.
  • Team work. The spectators do a card trick for you.
  • A creditable prediction. Jack London’s Almost Real Prediction becomes real.


10 x 7 inches (246 x 175 mm) softback, with full-colour cover.

86 pages, with photographic illustrations.

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