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About Lewis Jones

Lewis Jones was born in Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom. A state scholarship took him to Cambridge University, where he graduated in Modern Languages. After leaving Cambridge he immediately began writing radio drama and short stories for the BBC.

He spent 10 years in Singapore as a script writer and producer for national radio, and is now an honorary member of Singapore’s IBM Ring 115 – the Great Wong Ring.

On his return to Britain as a freelance writer, he scripted a number of science series for the BBC for several years, acted as linguistic consultant and series editor for HarperCollins, was a member of the UK’s Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal, and a columnist for Skeptical Briefs (a publication of the US Committee for Scientific Investigation (CSI)).

In Paul Daniel's BBC show broadcast on 22nd February 1992 Paul and Debbie McGee presented a mind reading effect which Lewis had published in "Person to Person: a Book of Telephone Telepathy". It was only when watching the show that he knew his effect was being used.

Paul and Debbie's presentation of this effect can be seen on YouTube here.

Lewis's Pattern Principle formed part of the effect that Rick Lax used to fool Penn and Teller - Binary Code (available here). An updated version of the Pattern Principle appears as "Tell" in “The Magic Gourmet”:

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