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Imp Romp 2


The Spring of 52

Con Sessions


Counter Feats

The seventh (Cardiogram) was published by Repro.

Selecting material from these seven books and compiling the items into a single hardback has given me the chance to make them better. Not all of the items made it into the final cut. Some of them had been overtaken by time— for example, the number effects which relied on coin dates in the 1900s only. Some had already re-appeared as updated versions in other publications. Some effects have been shortened and tightened up. In some cases, I’d figured out better or simpler ways of achieving the same effect. Some have had the benefit of ingenious improvements suggested by friends. In fact, all the items have profited from second thoughts.

Many of the items are card effects, but for the sake of variety, you’ll also encounter coins, bills, business cards, books, magazines, ear rings, paper and pencil, wristwatches, handkerchiefs, pens, telephones, thimbles, cigarette papers, and diaries.

List of contents can be seen here.

10” x 7” hardback with full colour glossy casing, 2004

377 pages. 108 effects and utilities. 60 photographic illustrations.

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